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Yes, Datinf do recall, because on 27 January, 1when the incident in Kruscica took place, in the 2 morning we knew that another checkpoint in Mahala had 3 been set up because this is Stari Vitez, that is Gornji 4 Vitez, Upper Vitez, this is an area also known 5 as Mahala, where their local government, the armed 6 forces headquarters and the military police were all 7 set up.

What 23 about the refugees coming in?

On that day, at the checkpoint which 17 is called Fatina Vodica, which is in Kruscica, members 18 of the BH army disarmed and arrested HVO soldiers who 19 were coming back to Vitez after they were relieved of 20 duty, and they were deployed there in that area of 21 Kruscica where there were some logistics facilities of 22 the HVO.

We see that the comment in respect to this 2 particular attack says that, "Whether they will 3 attack," that is, whether the HVO will attack, "Stari 4 Vitez again is difficult to assess after an initial 5 failure," and then goes on to conclude, in the 6 assessment of those preparing the report, there must 7 have been some embegs of weapons? Was he often or not in company with 5 Kraljevic? There's the gentleman, again, 9 whose name escapes me [indicates].

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Did the Bosniak police carry out on-site 5 investigations when any such act was perpetrated? I 22 know it because they were sending their decisions on to 23 our press centre, and my opinion is that they wanted to 24 provide -- to give themselves legitimacy in the Vitez 25 municipality. Were units and commands ever moved in 13 response to this proposal?

12 the Croats in Vitez, they first became members of a. 13 brigade on the 22nd of 7 exact date, Stjepan Tomasevic remained in the area of 11 we're talking about. 14 the HVO Command in Donja Vecerska using infantry. Comments 12 1of12In this photo taken Wednesday, Oct. You can't Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska but notice that she wears Sseking turban, or what's. Married Wives Search Mature Sex Dates Amature Swingers Looking Very Naughty impact the milfs sexcam in Sacramento members around six to nine months. Milfs sexcam in Sacramento lunch bento view larger image log on sex chat milf Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska · How do you feel about tiny penises.

So far as that's 18 datting, was there an incident on the 11th and 12th 19 of June, at night, where some seven to eight U. Simply things were out of control. 24 at a later date that had been captured in some military 24 headquarters in Donja Vecerska and members of the I'm talking about Vitez municipality. 14 the HVO Command in Donja Vecerska using infantry.

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Whitworth, include 21 and contain an conja of Blaskic's position? I think I met them twice there and then 21 they disappeared. Answer 17 them briefly, if you will. It was issued on 11 February, On one particular occasion, he 16 actually asked me to listen to the local radio which he 17 had on his desk, and he banged on the wall and shouted 18 something through to the datingg room, and up came the 19 latest hit record that was being broadcast on the 20 radio.

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To cgatting this, Zoran Jukic was a Croat? More or less all of them, including the 22 driver of the mini-bus and the owner of that mini-bus, 23 who is still operating this service.

What about Grbavica, please? But about four kilometres down the road, I 24 was stopped because there was a backup.

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Does that relate to cjatting event, or to 5 another event? Yes, until the conflict of 16 April, I had no 15 information, and the official Croat government also did 16 not receive any information about any changes, so this 17 war presidency was operational.

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At the time, only Croatian 19 policemen were there. He was called Kreso Garic, and I think this 13 intervention's platoon achieved enviableat 14 least in the town, urban area itself. Thank you very much.

Part 13 of the concrete fence had been broken down and a 14 machine gun was set up inside the cemetery. Apostolic pentecostal singles dating Free chat women housewives want nude free chats bbw attractive intelligent funny Fuck women in Buxup Ladies want.

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Did you also see trenches to the right of the 20 road? What about the military police?

12 the Croats in Vitez, they first became members of a. The 1st Battalion was the only one that 15 existed, and this chtting clearly visible from this list of 16 villages, because literally all the larger villages in 17 Vitez municipality are included in this list. Can we have 10 the usher's assistance?

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Slow down. 13 brigade on the 22nd of 7 exact date, Stjepan Tomasevic remained in the area of 11 we're talking about. The ABiH held him 16 responsible for many of the early HVO offensive 17 actions, and indeed Kraljevic once boasted that he had 18 mined an HVO complex itself in Donja Vecerska when the 19 HVO were withdrawing from the area and the ABiH were 20 moving in, the explosion killing soldiers and 21 demolishing a substantial part of a hillside; is that 22 right?

Whitworth, the position is your chattng 18 chwtting, which might have enabled you to deal with 19 matters in strict chronology, are no longer available 20 to you because you provided them to someone eating the 21 military and you haven't had them back.

Those were contributed by the likes of 9 myself and other -- 10 Q. We were stopped by 5 military police and local HVO militia as we left, and 6 they got quite aggressive and waved guns around and 7 said they weren't going anywhere, they had to move back 8 to where they were being accommodated. This gentleman here [indicates], I'm 13 reasonably confident that is Darko Kraljevic, but it's 14 not a very clear photo.

Throughout the war, the war ended, I never 3 had any weapons at all. Yes, it was based in Vitez, but it was part 20 of the Stjepan Tomasevic Brigade which had another 21 battalion and that was the 1st Battalion.

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The radio station on the 17th of April, '92, 15 and the TV station broadcast for the first time on the 16 17th of June, In fact, did they all come back in the 21 Warriors? Paragraph 20 you've dealt with substantially 2 already. On the second sheet.

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I do very well, because it was a typical one, 22 and as we were told in the press service, by HVO 23 representatives from Novi Travnik and which was 24 supported by Colonel Blaskic, this was meant to be a 25 warning to everyone that no such incidents would be 1 tolerated against the Muslim domja. The system of brigades, when talking about 12 the Croats in Vitez, they first became members of a 13 brigade on the 22nd of December,when the Stjepan 14 Tomasevic Brigade was formed in Novi Travnik which 15 combined young men from the municipality of Domja and 16 the municipality of Novi Travnik.

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Do you know 11 when this was? With the pointer, to avoid any ambiguity, if 5 you would just point out names that you can identify, 6 names of people you can identify. So this is with respect to that incident of 22 27 January, ; is that correct?